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  • Why board my pet?
  • Can I bring my petís bed?
  • Can I bring toys from home for my dog?
  • Can I bring my petís food?
  • My dog is on medication and:
  • What if my dog wonít relieve himself while in his outside run?
  • Can I pick up my pet outside of your normal business hours?
  • Will my dog pick up an odor at your kennel?
  • Could I have someone my pet knows visit him while he is being boarded?
  • What vaccinations do you require for my pet to be boarded or groomed?
  • Is my pet likely to "catch something" at a boarding facility?
  • Do you require a deposit to hold my pet's reservation?

    Why board my pet?:
         There are a few reasons why boarding your pet really has their best interest in mind, especially over somebody just checking in on them a couple of times a day.  Here are some of those reasons:

        One big reason is companionship.  At a boarding facility your pet is looked in on throughout the day.  They are constantly in the company of humans or other pets (let's not forget they are pack animals).  Because of this there is less time for them to feel lonely and they won't spend their days walking from room to room searching for you.

        Another reason is that a quality boarding facility is designed to be as escape proof as possible.  Let's face it, if your pet's family isn't home, they don't want to be home either.  They may try to escape to go looking for you once they realize you aren't coming home at your normal time.  I have personally heard of a dog jumping over a six foot high fence after being let out in the morning when his family wasn't home, and another breaking out a window.  And then there are the two Labs who broke out of the room they were supposed to be confined to and somehow managing to turn on the water in an upstairs bathroom... $20,000 damage was done by the time someone came back to check on them.

        Left unattended for many hours between a caregiver's visits, your perfectly well behaved pet could become mentally bored and adopt a destructive behavior, possibly injuring themselves.

        In conclusion, boarding your pet should not be thought of any differently than sending a child to camp. They are more adaptable than we often give them credit for.


    Can I bring my petís bed?:
         Yes.  Bedding from home is encouraged because it makes their area "homier".  This goes a long way in relaxing your pet and giving them something to lie on that they are familiar with.

    Can I bring toys from home for my dog?:
         Certainly!  Toys also make your pet's environment homier.  Oversized toys are best because they wonít slide under the kennel fencing and get away from your dog.  As long as you are comfortable allowing your dog toys, so are we.  Over long stays we will rotate your pet's toys to keep them mentally stimulated.  There are some toys and treats we don't recommend.  An example of those would be toys filled with plastic BBís, flat rawhide chips and smoked (cooked) bones. 

    Can I bring my petís food?:
         Yes.  Our rates are based on feeding your pet the food you bring from home and mixed (if applicable) the way they are used to getting it.  It is more labor intensive at feeding time, but we do not charge extra for this service.  Getting the same brand and flavor of food that they are used to is one less change they must adapt to.  If your pet eats food that must be cooked, please precook and package it in the quantities that you would like it served and we will heat it in a microwave if needed.  BARF, or raw diets, are also acceptable if prepackaged in sealed bags for individual meals.

    My dog is on medication and I put it in their food for them to take. Can you do this?:
         Yes, but not all boarded pets have the same appetite they do at home or they may eat around it.  They are more likely to take their pill if they are getting it in a treat.  I suggest you get your pet accustomed to taking their pills in a piece of cubed cheese, hot dog or something else they love the taste of before boarding them.

    My dog is on medication and I put the pill in the back of his throat and hold their mouth closed. Can you do this?:
         Yes, but please keep in mind, not all pets react favorably to someone they just met pushing a pill down their throat and holding their mouth closed.  It is in everyoneís best interest and less stressful to your dog if he gets used to taking his pills in a treat prior to their stay, but as long as your dog isn't aggressive we can do this.

    What if my dog wonít relieve himself while in his outside run?:
          About 99% of the dogs we board won't use their outside run to relieve themselves, so this is pretty normal. This is why all of our guests have outside activities scheduled.  It give them ample opportunities each day to relieve themselves on a natural surface like they are used to doing at home.

    Can I pick up my pet outside of your normal business hours?:
         I am sorry, be we no longer offer after hours services.  You can always schedule your emergency contact, a good friend or a family member to pick up your pet during our normal hours if you are getting home after we have closed.

    Will my dog pick up an odor at your kennel?:
         There are no unpleasant smells or strong chemical odors associated with my kennel.  Also, if I get a dog in who has an unpleasant smell about them (not to be confused with a normal doggie smell), they will get a bath before joining the rest of the group.  I pride myself on returning everyone's pet to them in the same condition, if not better, that they arrived in.

    Could I have someone my pet knows visit him while he is being boarded?:
        The request to have someone they know visit them is not in your pet's best interest, so I recommend against it.  Most pets adapt easily to us and our routine and I try to avoid anything that could disrupt them and make them feel like they are being left all over again.  You are more than welcome to call and check on your pet.

    What vaccinations do you require for my pet to be boarded or groomed?:
         For dogs we ask that the Rabies be up to date and the Distemper combo (DHLPP, DHP3...) have been given at some time during the dog's life. Bordetella (Canine Cough) is optional.  I do not require the Canine Cough/Bordetella vaccine.  If you are making the reservation on short notice and one of your dog's vaccinations are overdue, please call us.  Protocols for vaccinations are rapidly changing and my requirements may differ from that of your veterinarian and other boarding facilities.  For cats I ask that their Rabies vaccination be up to date, the FVRCP vaccine has been given at some time during their life and no vaccinations were given immediately prior to boarding.  Cats are very susceptible to reactions from vaccines and it is best that they are not introduced to a new environment if they are feeling under the weather from a vaccine.  We like to verify your pet's records before they arrive to avoid any confusion at check in.

        I do not feel it is right to ask my customers to do anything different with their pets than I do with my own.  At present the only vaccinations my older adult dogs receive are Rabies every three years, but you should certainly do what you feel comfortable with.  Rabies is the only vaccination required by law.  I do however get their blood tested every 3-5 years to check for immunities against Parvo and Distemper.  You can read an excellent article by Dr. Bob Rogers from Texas by clicking here: New Vaccination Protocols  There's a lot to read, but it's well worth it.

    Is my pet likely to "catch something" at a boarding facility?:
         Just like a child is more likely to catch a cold by attending school rather than being home taught, the higher concentration of pets at a boarding facility increases the chance that your pet could be exposed to something.  However, not all pets that are exposed to a virus or bacteria come down with any symptoms of being ill at all.  That's what a healthy immune system is for.  Many pet owners and veterinarians now feel that a pet can carry immunity throughout its life from its puppy vaccinations, much like we do.  Many veterinarians are now offering titre tests to check for immunity, rather than automatically vaccinating your pet whether they need it or not.  Another thing to keep in mind is that many viruses and bacteria are airborne, so if your pet goes outside in your yard, for walks around the neighborhood, to the grooming salon or mobile grooming van, to the pet superstore, or even to the veterinarian's office, this will also increase the chance that they could come in contact with a virus or other illness and become sick, even from your own clothing or that of someone visiting them.  So really your pet isn't any more likely to catch something at a good boarding facility than many other places you probably don't even think about.

         At Best Friend Pet Center we have installed a screening process like many other kennels are doing across the country and abroad.  I ask that none of our guests go to the veterinarian's office, grooming salon, dog show, pet superstore or other public gathering of dogs in an enclosed building for at least 14 days prior to coming here.  I believe that this policy greatly reduces the chance of a pet being exposed to parasites or an illness and "carrying something" into the building that could be spread amongst out guests.

    Do you require a deposit to hold my pet's reservation:
        In the past, Best Friend Pet Center asked that a valid credit card number be on file to hold your pet's reservation, just like any hotel or cabin you are renting for your vacation would.  If you cancel your reservation within our cancellation period we would charge your card for the cancellation fee.  This is all gone over when you make a reservation with us.  However, due to an unfortunate circumstance from a new customer over Thanksgiving 2015, we now require a deposit be made in advance from new customers during our peak times.  We are calling this new policy our Anita DiVecchio Policy.

        Best Friend Pet Center does not overbook our guests.  What we do is put people on a waiting list during our busy times.  If somebody cancels and we have enough time we can often get a hold of someone from our list before they make other plans.  It is very unfortunate when we have an empty run over a holiday because someone else cancelled their pet's reservation on short notice.  Especially when we have a regular customer on our list.  Most customers understand the position they are putting us in, but then there are those who have given us an invalid credit card, then tell us they will stop out to pay the cancellation fee and they never do...  So now, if you are not an established customer, we require an actual deposit to enter a reservation and assure there is room for your pet.  If you choose we can run your credit card in advance for the deposit.  This deposit will be in the amount of the cancellation fee and will be applied to your pet's stay.  If you need to cancel and it is outside our cancellation period, the deposit will be returned to you.


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