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  To add to your best friend's experience with us, please choose an activity for them on the days they will be with us most of the day.  Feel free to mix and match as you choose or add additional activities to the individual packages.  Outside activities are a great way for us to get to know your dog one on one and they also allow them opportunities to relieve themselves on a natural surface.

  • Hike Package - $6.75
        Depending on you dog's energy level, this can either be a brisk hike on a long leash or a leisurely stroll at their pace done "out back".  The Hike Package will get your dog outside of their indoor/outdoor run three times per day; two quick "relief times" in the exercise yard and once for their Hike.  Additional Hikes added to any package are $5.00 each.

       It's hard to get a picture of Madonna.  She almost never stands still!

       11 year old Riggs liked to beat the brush and then reflect on his hunting heritage while he caught his breath.

  • Playtime Package - $4.25

        Three outside times in a large, fenced in yard adjoining the kennel.  Two relief times and one session where your dog can either walk around under our watchful eye, or we can toss a ball or other toy for them.  If they just want a little lap time, that's OK, too.  We will tailor the package to suit your dog's activity level.  They will enjoy the one on one attention they receive away from the other guests and we enjoy it, too.  Each extra Playtime session is just $2.00 more and can be added to any package.   Playtime Packages for additional dogs (from the same family) are an extra $3.00 each per dog up to three dogs, provided they can all go out together.  

        Here's Buddy, a Yellow Lab.  He sure enjoyed playing fetch with his disc.  He didn't start off very trusting, but once he realized he was here to have fun, we quickly became his best friend, too.






        Another Buddy!  And he liked playing fetch, too.  Just look at him fly!

  • Deluxe Package - $9.75

        The Deluxe Package is truly top of the line.  Two Playtimes, one Hike and one relief time for a total of four activities per day!  Each additional dog from the same family receiving the Deluxe Package is $6.75.  Additional services are also included such as ear cleaning, nail trims, extra treats (if allowed) and typically no minimum stay charges.

      Here's Miss Piggy and Pork Chop, two American Bulldogs, playing ball.  Later that day we went for our Hikes and then played ball again!


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